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I totally messed up today.
I think I had 700-800 cals
I don't really know though.
so 100-200 over my limit at least.
So basically complete failure.

I feel so discouraged, it's hard not to binge.
I will make up for today's crappiness tomorrow.
I'm going to be out most of the day, so I only have to have one meal.

I hope you all are doing better!

Community Banner

I'm going to be making a new banner for ConstantxBattle
and thought I would give you guys the opportunity to suggest some of your favorite thinspo images to be used in it.
If you have any you think would work,
post a link to the image in reply to this post.

The only rules are that it not be a super common thinspo pic
and there not be any nudity.

Thanks girls and think thin!

I'm excited....

Hi everyone,
just so you all know, it's so exciting to have started up a new community.

I'm looking forward to the support we're going to offer one another, the community is going to go through some upgrading over the next week or so, keep checking back, and invite all of your lj friends the more the better.


Name: Ami
Age: 16
HW: 123
CW: 120-ish
LW: 113
GW: 90 or less.
How long have you had an ED: about a few months
what type of ED do you have: it keeps changing. Right now, EDNOS 

I'm excited that I got accepted into a new community, and can't wait to get to know you all. :)


Name: Harle
Age: 17
HW: 168
CW: 145 (or abouts)
LW: 119
GW:111 (and beyond)
How long have you had an ed: 2 1/2 years or so
What type of ed do you have: self-diagnosed EDNOS, but I'm what most people call pro ana.

I'm really excited about being a part of a new community
and am looking forward to getting to know all of you lovelies.
Thanks For Accepting me darling lol...this is me..

Name: Chloe
Age: 18
HW: 260
CW: 157
LW: 137
GW: 117
How long have you had an ed: 3 years
What type of ed do you have: Ana/EDNOs

I LOVE the idea of group diets by the way!

XOXO Chloe

My Survey :-(

Name: Ang
Age: 24
HW: 178
CW: 168
LW: 135- round about
GW: 100
How long have you had an ed: 5 years
What type of ed do you have: Ana but I go through periods of binge eating.



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