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Mini update

So today is the 200 cal day of our group diet
so far I haven't eaten anything and only had green tea to drink
but found out I have to go to the movies with my sister!
The movies are the worst place for restricting.
My plan is to get some fruit from the grocery store to slice up and bring in my purse
so I don't have to eat any greasy, fattening movie food.
I'll bring enough for both of us so she doesn't get something of her own and try to share.
I really hope she doesn't want to get dinner or something.
I'm seriously freaking out.
Maybe I'll call her and tell her I feel too shitty and don't wanna go.
Otherwise I'll end up eating with her and having to purge.
Ugh. It's so frustrating being ana sometimes.

I hope you're all doing well.
Stay skinny girls.
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(no subject)

Alrighty guys :-)
Look out for a group diet, coming soon....
It will most likely be a 2-week plan.
We'll post on how we've done, basically our progress....

Stay Strong Everyone