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A Constant Battle, That Awful Struggle

Slowly... So Slowly... 1 pound at a time

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I have a eating disorder and I need support.
This is a community for those with serious disorders only, for a short period entry will not be moderated but the moderators know whats going on and you will be deleted and banned if you cause trouble.
I am in no way condoning eating disorders or "putting them up on a pedestal"
This is a community for people with REAL eating disorders, not those looking to crash diet.
If you are looking for a healthy community to lose weight, there are plenty of other communities on lj that can help.

We are fully aware of the fact that this is a disease, it's not a joke and has life altering consequences. Many people with ed's lose their friends, fall away from their families and a certain percentage may even die.

Anyone looking to make friends with their disease isn't welcome here. Having an ed isn't "fun", and the weight loss is often a sign of deeper emotional issues. Having said all of that:

1. This community offers support to those with ed's
2. It fosters an atmosphere of understanding, many communities will not let you ask for tips on purging, or on the abuse of laxatives. This community does not want to encourage this behaviour, but if someone is going to do it, then the least we can do is help them, do it in a safer way.
3. Offer a place to share your thoughts, without being put down, called stupid, wannarexic or any other name. Disrespect of other members will not be tolerated, no matter what you think of what someone's done or said, calling them a name, isn't the best way to handle it.
4. This community will have a weekly weigh-in, every Monday, we will post our weight loss for the week, we will be supportive and use each other an thinspiration. Looking at a photoshopped picture of a model, never got any 5'3 girl anywhere. (I'm 5'3 lol)
5. Pictures of progress are accepted, in fact they're most welcome, only if you feel comfortable enough to post them. Nobody will be made to do anything.
6. Multiple posts in a day are allowed, no matter how many times you need to post, feel free to do so, the more we help one another the better. When you can't tell anyone else speak to the community members.
7. Support is important, I've seen other ed communities here on lj being eroded because people just end up arguing, please don't ask to join, then start saying how much sicker you are than anyone else, an ed is an ed, I agree there are different levels of severity, but please don't trigger anyone by talking about how much sicker you are than them. It's not nice :-(
8. One of the main aims for this group is to embark on a group diet, every week we'll be changing the calorie intake program, ill be putting it up, along with low cal things to go along with it.
9. Reverse thinspo is not allowed to be posted, Morbidly obese people have eating disorders as well, the only difference between them and us, is that nobody ever comments on how thin they're looking, and nobody takes they're disease seriously. Talk about reverse thinspo is allowed but please don't post photo's or video's.
10. Any form of competition is not allowed, fasting buddies, texting buddies and things like that are allowed. Just none of this let's see who can get to the lowest weight rubbish, everyone has different goals. I've heard of all sorts of things, like the winner is the one who dies and things like that, please don't encourage or even talk about things like that, they're REALLY dangerous, even more dangerous than our already self-destructive behaviour and anyone who talks about things like that will be BANNED.

Upon joining the group, please complete the following, and post :-)

How long have you had an ed:
What type of ed do you have:

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